Tales of a witch’s familiar series


After my human death, I found a new and purrfect life as the feline familiar to a witch. But my safe haven is about to crumble.

Winnie, my witch, is performing more spells, draining both our magic reserves and acting suspiciously as she works on a secret project.

Since curiosity kills cats, I escape into the arms of Charlie: the handsome and grumpy hacker next-door that I want, but can never have.

When supernatural visitors show up asking him for help we are introduced to realms beyond our world. A faei, his demon lover, and the irresistible titan, Zaide, who I’m instantly drawn to, are looking for something…and it might be closer than they think.

As the mysteries of Winnie’s project unfold, I’m horrified by what I discover. I go against my witch, and lose my fur to help Charlie and his new friends.

But with my human body comes the haunting memories of my human past. I only hope the men I’ve come to care for will help me remember how good being human can be.


If cats have nine lives, then I’m down to eight.

Barely surviving the loss of my witch, I awake to find Charlie, Zaide and I are captured, caged and filthy. We don’t know what the witches want with us but at least we are together as we plan our escape.

Charlie is my new witch and our bond grows stronger by the hour but Zaide is distant, lost in his thoughts, and I worry that something went wrong when he saved me.

When my dreams are invaded by the beautiful son of the gods, Baelen, he offers to help us escape. His red eyes enchant me, and his bite is intoxicating but he swears me to secrecy about his visit.

As a last resort, I use my newfound power to save us, but cause calamitous consequences that work in the favor of our captors. A new evil rises. The supernatural community is under threat. And as secrets unfold, my past comes back to bite me… literally.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Catapult releases!

The fire from a resurrected dragon is not the kind of heat this feline enjoys.

We escape Fafnir by the skin of our teeth, yet as we flee one danger, we discover a new threat. Hunters. Humans who kill supernatural beings.

Charlie, Zaide and I take refuge with the supernatural council on a secret island, protected by ancient wards. The creators of the wards are a family of witches who have lived on the island for centuries and are thrilled to have guests…maybe too thrilled.

Regardless, it’s a chance for us to rest, train and explore the pleasures of our new bonds before we attempt to stop Fafnir. The council wants to prevent him from decimating supernatural populations but for us, it’s more personal.

Despite the powerful wards on the island, Baelen somehow joins us, injured and behaving strangely, which makes us question…how reliable are the wards? And how long do we have until we are found?

The rest of the series will be revealed soon!